Welcome to Forest Creek Elementary School

Earth Week Celebration - April 20-24

Friday 4/24 – Go Green Plant sale today after school. 50 cents per plant and be sure to check out the gardens at Forest Creek!

THANK YOU to the PTA for coordinating this event.  Their volunteers managed to obtain over 600 plants that were donated by local businesses. PTA purchased additional plants to bring us to almost 1,000 available. We will be offering each child ONE FREE PLANT on Friday!

A Message from our School Nurse
Please remember when sending medications to school with your child you must adhere to the RRISD medication policy. For more information please visit my website.

Transition to Middle School
Thursday, April 30th at 9:00am - Fifth grade students will visit Ridgeview Middle School.


Walk to Read Program

CLICK HERE to view the RRISD press release!
We had a great turnout for our Walk to Read for Libraries of Love!  Thank you to everyone who donated, walked, sang, and spread the word! We raised over $765 and donated 626 books!  Mrs. Trudy Marshall came to our walk and Jessica K. and Hannah B. did a wonderful job explaining a Powerpoint presentation to the group and we all listened to "Every Book is Awesome!" The weather cooperated and we had a beautiful day to walk and read outside.  Service Club members and others stayed to help count books and carry them out to Ms. Marshall's car.  She leaves for Uganda on Sunday. Thank you so much for helping us make a difference for many children in Africa!  

A Note from Mrs. Trudy Marshall:
"Libraries of Love offers its deepest gratitude to the Forest Creek Service Club, Mrs. Bartholomew, Ms. Fry, FC students, and the community. Donated books hold special meaning when they are 'student to student.' Thank you for understanding the need for literacy through libraries in Uganda. Students who have no books, will enjoy your donated books. The funding is also appreciated. It will be well used in creating new libraries in 2015, serving an additional 5,000 students. 

Trudy Marshall Director - Libraries of Love"

Project-Based Learning *UPDATED*
Project-Based Learning, or PBL, is a method of teaching and learning that we practice at Forest Creek Elementary.  Students gain knowledge and skills through the experience of problem solving.  All grade levels have been working hard to complete a fall project.  CLICK HERE to view details and pictures of completed projects.

Healthy Schools Initiative
We want students to be at school to learn all they can.  But we also want to make sure that they are well and healthy to participate to their highest potential. The students and staff at Forest Creek Elementary will fight against germs this school year with an arsenal of kid-friendly sanitizer, tissues, surface wipes and a series of lessons targeted to keep kids healthy. The Healthy Schools Project aims to reduce absenteeism by limiting the number of instructional days lost to colds, flus and stomach illnesses that are common in schools. FCE students have been deputized as “Super Germ Fighters!” Please see the nurse’s website for helpful information about when you keep your child home from school during and after an illness. CLICK HERE to read the full article and view pictures from our Healthy Schools Project Kickoff!

Interactive Technology

PTA funds, including from the Direct Donation Drive, is services and programs as well as a school focus on technology in our classrooms.
Our school's 3 year plan is to purchase a Mimio Teach Interactive Device for each classroom at Forest Creek Elementary. CLICK HERE to view more information!

Volunteer Information and Procedures
If you would like to be a volunteer at any point on campus or for a field trip this year, please complete the RRISD application now to be approved as an official volunteer. The process must be completed yearly, and can take some time. CLICK HERE to renew or complete the application. After being approved by the district, you can volunteer in many capacities at Forest Creek Elementary.  CLICK HERE to see the opportunities in the classrooms, library, and with special events. Thank you for helping make FCE a great place to be!

Community Education Classes

In less than two weeks, our RRISD Community Education Session II After-School classes will begin. If you haven't registered your child(ren) yet, it's not too late!  Please take a look at the RRISD Community Education website and choose a class your child(ren) would be interested in. Classes are beginning to fill, don't procrastinate!

Outdoor Classroom
FCE would like to thank some special volunteers for helping us get phase one of our outdoor classroom ready.  On September 26
th, a group of 12 volunteers from Hired Texas Job Club joined The United Way’s Day of Caring and spent the morning cleaning out an outdoor classroom area located at the back of the playground area.  They pulled weeds, hauled out debris, put in a walkway leading from the track to the classroom, and built a sitting area.   Stepping stones that were created by a project from our very own art teacher, Pam  Arnold and the FCE Service Club and Green Paw Garden Club were used to mark the beginning of the path.  Supplies for the project were funded from a generous donation from our very own Forest Creek PTA.  The group worked hard and even fire ants did not stop them from completing the assigned task.  Using sand, cement blocks, landscape fabric, and limestone edging stones, the area was transformed into a classroom where FCE students will be able to observe and learn from the great outdoors.  This is helping teachers bring science to life for our students and we applaud everyone who helped bring this project to reality.

outdoor1 outdoor 2 outdoor 3
 The Forest Creek Coyotes would like to thank our wonderful    volunteers from Clean Scapes Landscaping for donating the mulch carpet for our outdoor classroom.  Volunteers also worked to create a level seating and placed the rest of edging. Clean Scapes Landscaping is owned by a Forest Creek Elementary  parent, Ivan Giraldo, and had many people working to help!

outdoor learning

After School Clubs

Running Club meets every Monday after school from 2:45-3:15.  Meet at the track behind the playground. This club will not meet on days of inclement weather. Parents can pick up their children at 3:15 at the back driveway.

Scrabble Club
is open to 4th and 5th graders who like to play word games.  Meet in the library every Friday from 2:50 to 4:00pm.  Contact our FCE librarian, Mariah Smith for questions or more information: Mariah_Smith@roundrockisd.org.

The Garden Club, or Green Paw Gardeners will meet on Mondays after school from 2:45-3:30.  Contact Mrs. Cindy Loftis for more information: Cindy_Loftis@roundrockisd.org .

The FCE Service Club organizes school-wide service projects, as well as doing some projects on our own.  They also volunteer one Saturday morning a month at the Round Rock Serving Center.  This club meets every other Thursday from 2:45-3:45pm in room 512. Contact Mrs. Bartholomew or Mrs. Fry with any questions: Pam_Bartholomew@roundrockisd.org or Elizabeth_Fry@roundrockisd.org.

FCE Writing Club is open to all 2-5 graders who love to write! Students may work on class assignments, writing for Reflections, writing for Rising Star, or free writing. This club meets every other Thursday from 2:45-3:45pm in the library. Contact Mrs. Bartholomew or Mrs. Fry with any questions: Pam_Bartholomew@roundrockisd.org or Elizabeth_Fry@roundrockisd.org.   

The Computer Lab will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school from 2:45pm to 3:30pm for After School Computer Access.  Students in grades 3-5 may come into the lab to work on iStation, Think Through Math, or any assignment / project, which requires the use of technology.

Please check the After School Club Calendar on our website to see meeting times or contact your club coordinator to see start dates and if an application is required.